Thematic Suite

Room Size: 36 m². View: historical part of Lviv.
If you choose the room dedicated to Honore de Balzac in retro style, you will have the opportunity to go back to the times of this famous writer who stayed at George Hotel on the way to his beloved duchess Eveline Hanska. The writer would spend evenings at the hotel enjoying French wine, playing cards and looking at night Lviv from the balcony of his room. Thematic Suite in vintage style with the antique piano is the room dedicated to outstanding Polish singer and actor Jan Kiepura. The legendary Polish tenor used to sing to his admirers from the balcony overviewing Mitskevich Square.
If you choose the Thematic Suite dedicated to Ivan Franko, you will definitely have a desire to see Lviv from his point of view; and what is more, you will feel yourself a man of art for some moment. Because here you can find tiny little details that inspire you, charm you and are a treat for the eyes. Franko used to be a a frequent guest of the halls of The George Hotel, which also served as a stage for his creative work.

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