"Manly Lviv"

Hotel George would like to present a special opportunity for the brave men to show their proficiency in using weapon and for spending luxurious evenings in the company of their faithful friends and charming ladies.
In the pistol club you can choose between various kinds of weapon which will perfectly suite your skills, taste and character.
If you come to us not only with a men company but together with your beloved lady we are ready to bring some changes to this offer.
While men are tasting the delicious beer and listening to the whiz of bullets in a shooting gallery, beautiful ladies will be enjoying their time going shopping, having a thematic excursion or other additional services for their taste.
The package cost includes:
transfer to the hotel;
accommodation at the hotel for a special price (2 days);
breakfast at the restaurant of the hotel;
beer journey across Lviv Nappy Lviv (including a visit to the Brewing Museum, beer factory and live beer degustation);
beer treating at various thematic groggy restaurants of Lviv;
a visit to a pistol club and a unique opportunity to use weapon.

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