Lviv Night Guard

Night Watch

If youre up one night and unable to fall asleep, take a look outside your window and you will probably see people walking around with lanterns. Do not fear! Because they are the burgomasters assistants who are here to ensure that you sleep peacefully tonight
When night falls in Lviv and the towns dark secrets begin to lurk in the citys dark corners, the night burgomasterMr. Shliusselcomes out with his faithful assistants. He patrols the streets, watches over the peace and quiet for Lvivs citizens, and is always on the lookout for troublemakers. If Mr. Shliussel ever suddenly falls ill, his faithful wife Ms. Zosia comes out on night duty for him.
Will the city hall clock warn us of any trouble? What happens if Lvivs Burgomaster loses the key to the city? Are there lost souls wandering in the dark night, in search of peace?
Unexpected meetings, eerie legends, ghosts and secret rituals all of this awaits you during our night tour. If you feel that youre brave enough to become one of Mr.Shliussels assistants, then join us! For a job well done, Mr.Burgomaster will initiate you into the Brigade of Lviv night servicemen.

Anyone who enjoys a good adventure can join the burgomaster in keeping order in the city.
Every Friday and Saturday at 22:00
Entrance by secret invitation only.
Shhh Join us and help assure that the citizens of Lviv get a peaceful and quiet nights sleep.