Mystical Lviv


We love this city because it never ceases to surprise us. Because exploring and discovering it is like opening up a magical gift, not knowing whats in store for you inside. You think that since youve visited often that you know everything? Then we challenge you to join us and discover the answers to these questions:

What did Lviv chimney sweeps fight against for years?
What did the citizens of Lviv hide under a man-made mound on High Castle hill?
How were the citizens able to use magic to defeat the Turkish army in the 17th century?
How did authorities hopelessly try to fight the infamous Lviv alchemists?
How did Lvivites learn about the mysterious appearance of a ghost-train?
Where and why is there an old tractor hidden in a basement in the Old Town?

And if thats not enough dont worry! Well show you much, much more!

Tour duration 3 hours. Number of participants 10 or more..
* Groups of less than 10 people please contact our Kumpel-Tour representative for small group prices.
* Tour groups with over 20 participants receive a discount rate!!!
* Children under 12 receive a 50% discount!
Price includes: Tour guide services. Entrance fees.