City of feelings


We offer you a special program for couples in love! Lviv can be a wonderful city for two when it comes to celebrating a wedding anniversary, planning a honeymoon weekend or just a romantic getaway.
Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine! A city where magic happens! A city, where a couples can fall in love with each other all over again
Our guide will tell you about ancient Lvivs unforgettable love storiesstories that have changed the city and its people. Youll discover the signature recipes for Lviv romance:
Why do lovers in Lviv kiss for five minutes longer?
Who were the mysterious fondancers and what did they do?
How did people in Lviv go about searching for a fiancee?
Thanks to writer Leopold von-Sacher Masoch, which terrible love story turned into a disease?
We will reveal the mysterious love of the artist Artur Grottger and Wanda Monne; of King Wladyslaw and the beautiful Jadwiga.
For those brave enough, well visit the mysterious monument to a sorceress hidden in the basements of the Old Pharmacy.
You will also be able to try several types of Lviv chocolates in a real chocolate factory, or in one of Lvivs cozy confectioneries.

During our romantic tour, well visit famous landmarks included in UNESCOs World Heritage List: the Boim Chapel, the Roman Catholic Cathedral, and the Armenian Church. Well walk through the quarters of the medieval city and pay a visit to the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater.

Tour duration 2-3 hours.
Price includes: Tour guide services.